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Supporting Count-Based Sensory Advertising Claims

Taught by Dr. John Ennis



In a recent challenge involving a comparison of 3D televisions, an advertiser claimed that “4 out of 5” people preferred the quality of their picture. No statistics were performed and the confidence in the result was not reported. The two facts caused the advertiser difficulty in the challenge and it was recommended that the advertisement be discontinued.

Count-based comparisons such as “7 out of 10” or “2 to 1” are often used in advertising to support claims of superior product performance. But count-based comparisons commonly appear with neither an experimental design nor a statistical analysis capable of supporting such claims. Given the risks associated with advertising claims dispute, this fact can sometimes prove to be business-critical, with errors made by sensory and marketing leading to legal and regulatory repercussions.

In this webinar, we discuss the steps needed for sensory professionals to support count-based comparisons in a defensible manner. Specifically, we identify two different types of count-based comparisons – count-based proportional comparisons and count-based ratio comparisons – and discuss how these two types of count-based comparisons can be pursued without exposing business to unnecessary risk.

This webinar is intended for a general audience of sensory professionals and graduate students. No detailed technical knowledge is assumed.

A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289).

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