Advertising Claims Support

We have supported our clients' advertising claims for more than 25 years.  Our services include consulting, defensible product tests and consumer perception surveys. We provide expert witnessing in National Advertising Division (NAD) and litigated cases for many product categories.

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Design and Execution of Research

Advertising Claims Support research has characteristics that make it different from traditional market and survey research. We have experience in designing and executing research that considers these characteristics in the event of a challenge.

Expert Witnessing

We also support our clients if they need to appear before the NAD, in arbitrations, or in court. We have experience as the subject of depositions and in court appearances in bench and jury trials. We have also appeared in US and Canadian courts.

Comparative and Non-comparative Claims

Advertising claims can be comparative or non comparative. Comparative claims include superiority, unsurpassed and equivalence. Each type requires a different testing and analysis approach.

Consumer Perception Surveys

Consumer perception surveys are designed to evaluate the consumer takeaway of an ad message and we have experience designing and analyzing these types of surveys.

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