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Synergistic Analytics: Turbo-Charging Consumer Analytics (Part 1)

Taught by William Russ and Dr. Daniel Ennis



In this webinar, we introduce the concept of synergistic analytics, the combination of different analytic techniques to yield greater results than either could individually. We begin by reviewing some examples discussed in previous webinars including the combinations of decision trees with Landscape Segmentation Analysis for characterizing consumer segmentation and graph theory with linear programming for customized TURF analysis.


In Part 1, we’ll examine more closely how conjoint analysis-derived utilities can be used with Landscape Segmentation Analysis. Conjoint analysis allows for the examination of different combinations of product attributes and provides individual utilities for these combinations. Landscape Segmentation Analysis provides a powerful visual and analytic tool for distinguishing which attributes and combinations are most appealing to different segments of consumers. We will also see how we can identify the relative benefits of different types of conjoint analysis outcomes.   

This webinar is intended for a general audience of sensory professionals and graduate students. No detailed technical knowledge is assumed.

A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289). Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to purchase.

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