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Understanding the Consumer: Preference Mapping vs. LSA®

Taught by Dr. Benoît Rousseau



Every year, consumer goods and service companies invest significant portions of their research budget to investigate, understand, and address consumer needs. A common investigative approach involves category appraisals followed by the use of a multivariate mapping analysis to uncover the product's features that drive consumer satisfaction. Many such analytical techniques exist. Two of them are external preference mapping (EPM) and Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA). While EPM and LSA make use of the exact same basic product information (hedonic from consumers and descriptive from one or more sources), the methods' respective approaches can result in very different outcomes and thus recommendations for product development or improvement.

In this webinar, we will review the features and assumptions of preference mapping and LSA’s underlying models and describe when the techniques will, and will not, yield similar conclusions. We will use simulated as well as actual project examples to illustrate the similarities and differences in the methods’ outcomes. This information will be valuable to analysts who need to ensure that the conclusions they reach are representative and relevant to the consumer needs they attempt to address.

This webinar is intended for a general audience of sensory professionals and graduate students. No detailed technical knowledge is assumed.

A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289).

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