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Mapping Techniques to Link Consumer and Expert Data

Taught by Dr. Benoît Rousseau



Multivariate analyses are commonly used to study differences among products in a multidimensional sensory space and to relate them to their hedonic assessments by consumers. Such analyses help uncover drivers of acceptability, study consumer population segmentation and generate the sensory profiles of target products. While numerous approaches are available, they will often disagree in their findings and final recommendations. In this webinar we will review commonly used methods such as factor analysis, preference mapping (internal and external) and unfolding techniques based on individual consumer ideal points. After contrasting their assumptions and corresponding strengths and weaknesses, we will outline the importance of considering how the data arises so that a process-based analysis more amenable to the modeling of consumer collected hedonic information can be used.

This webinar is intended for a general audience of sensory professionals and graduate students. No detailed technical knowledge is assumed.

A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289).

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