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Thurstonian Models Part 2: Drivers of Liking®

Taught by Dr. Daniel Ennis

September 21, 2023  |  2pm ET

Thurstonian models have broad applications in Sensory and Consumer Science and are candidate foundations for the field.  In this webinar we will discuss the application of a Thurstonian model to liking and other forms of hedonic measurement.  When combined with the concept of unfolding, the result is a very useful Drivers of Liking® methodology called Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA).  Once a product and ideal point space has been described, it can be used as a computer-aided design tool to develop new products and predict their acceptability to consumers and their segments.   In the webinar, we will compare the method with internal and external preference mapping. The method also has applications to non-hedonic rating methods, particularly those with multiple interpretations or attributes that are composed of compound meanings.    


A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289). 

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