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From Invention to Innovation

Taught by Dr. Daniel Ennis



All highly successful new product introductions, that stand the test of time, have certain features that drive their success. A central element is that they provide a new consumer-perceived benefit and, once that benefit has been identified, it is skillfully expressed in a new product. New product success is enhanced if the benefit is novel and enters a weakly competitive or non- competitive market. The distinction between invention and innovation is central to staffing for new product success and in recognizing the dual roles of the inventor and innovator. It is also important that the technical insight and marketing insight staffs recognize that the tools they use should contribute cooperatively to different aspects of a common goal. A visual description of topics to be covered during this webinar is available here

This webinar will be of interest to a broad audience of people in any organization where success depends on introducing new products or services that are superior to their competitors or their own current offerings. This audience includes senior managers who have overall responsibility for new product brands or even new ways of working in their organizations. The webinar should also appeal to those in technical and marketing insights who use a variety of tools to facilitate the process of creating successful new products with appropriate branding

A digital recording of this webinar is available for purchase ($289). 

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