October 26 - 29, 2021


Current Topics in Sensory and Consumer Science

October 26  |  In-person or online attendance: $495


Machine Learning, Unfolding, and Predictive Analytics in Sensory and Consumer Science

October 27 - 29  |  In-person attendance: $1,495, Online attendance: $1,175

Presented at The Greenbrier

White Sulphur Springs, WV






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This course has been developed for sensory and consumer scientists, product developers, market research managers, package/product testing specialists, and attorneys specializing in advertising law.





  • Printed manuals of slides and Master Class software exercises

  • A copy of our current books: Tools and Applications of Sensory and Consumer Science, Thurstonian Models: Categorical Decision Making in the Presence of Noise, and Readings in Advertising Claims Substantiation

  • Food and beverage refreshments each day, plus lunch and dinner on Tues. - Thurs. for attendees at The Greenbrier

  • A 3-month free trial of IFPrograms® Professional version for Master Class attendees

The instructors for this course will be:


The Institute for Perception


The Institute for Perception

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The Institute for Perception

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Crowell & Moring

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MolsonCoors Beverage Company (retired)


MolsonCoors Beverage Company


Takasago Intl. Corp., USA

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National Advertising Division

Current Topics in Sensory and Consumer Science
Tuesday, October 26
Symposium 1 | Approaches to Equivalence Measurement in Sensory Research

8:15am - 10:15am EST

Dr. Benoît Rousseau

Stephen McIngvale

Dr. Daniel Ennis


  • Equivalence Testing for binomial data and continuous (ratings) data

  • The TOST (two one-sided tests) vs. more powerful methods

  • Establishing a consumer relevant bound and linking it to internal panel data

  • Testing for sensory matching to avoid missed opportunities

Symposium 2 | Controls in Claims Substantiation Testing

10:30am - 12:30pm EST

Dr. Daniel M. Ennis

Annie Ugurlayan

Lauren Aronson


  • When controls are needed, and not needed, for advertising claims substantiation

  • Internal controls, external controls

  • How to design controls for consumer perception surveys

  • Examples of control tests in claims support, NAD and litigated cases

Symposium 3 | Invention and Innovation

2pm - 4pm EST

Dr. Daniel M. Ennis

Anthony (Manny) Manuele

Dulce Paredes


  • Innovation in the beer industry

  • Eyeing Innovation – Ideation, Inspiration, and Implementation Case Study: The rise of botanicals

  • Dual roles in invention and innovation - major historical success cases from 1765 to today

  • Consumer-perceived benefits of new and/or improved products

Machine Learning, Unfolding, and Predictive Analytics in Sensory and Consumer Science
Wednesday, October 27

Dr. Daniel M. Ennis

Dr. Benoît Rousseau

William Russ

9am - 1pm EST

Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Overview of Machine Learning methodologies

  • Evaluating model performance, cross validation

Application: Sensory, analytic, and machine vision matching

Introduction to Scripting using R

  • Best practices for writing and maintaining scripts

  • The power of scripting libraries

Text Analysis

Reproducible Research

  • What is reproducible research and why should I use it?

Version Control and Decentralized Backups


RStudio and GitHub


Analyzing Social Media Data

2pm - 5pm EST

Graph Theory Principles: Combining Graph Theory and Linear Programming for faster, more extensive analyses

Application: Pizza Project - Menu Optimization

  • Combinations and the concept of cliques

Application: Displaying Rating Means

  • Compact letter displays of rating means using Graph Theory

Thursday, October 28

Dr. Daniel M. Ennis

Dr. Benoît Rousseau

William Russ

9am - 1pm EST

Principles of Unfolding

Unfolding using Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA): A processed-based Machine Learning tool

  • Uncovering Drivers of Liking® space and consumer ideal points

  • Identifying consumer-relevant sensory drivers

  • Predictive Analytics: Generating product portfolios and their optimal sensory profiles

2pm - 5pm EST

Review of Research Steps for Successful Category Appraisals


Selection of Optimal Sample Sets for a Category Appraisal

Application: Baked Goods Project

  • Baked goods category Drivers of Liking® research

  • Unfolding using Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA)

Friday, October 29

9am - Noon EST

Dr. Daniel M. Ennis

Dr. Benoît Rousseau

William Russ

Combining Graph Theory, Linear Programming, and eTURF 2.0

  • Application to the Pizza Project and to the development of a Fruit Juice Line

Combining LSA and Conjoint Analysis

  • Application to a Sour Cream Project

Combining Decision Trees and LSA

  • Application to the Baked Goods Project


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