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This course has been developed for technical and supervisory personnel involved in all aspects of sensory and consumer research.


Drivers of Liking® Principles & Applications

November 9 - 11, 2022

Presented at The Greenbrier Resort

White Sulphur Springs, WV


In-person attendance | $1,890*

Virtual attendance | $1,575*




  • Printed manuals of slides and exercises

  • 3-month free software trial of IFPrograms® Professional 

  • A printed copy of our book, Tools and Applications of Sensory and Consumer Science and PDF downloads of the following 2 books: Thurstonian Models: Categorical Decision Making in the Presence of Noise and Readings in Advertising Claims Substantiation.

The instructors for this course will be:


The Institute for Perception


The Institute for Perception

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The Institute for Perception

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Molson Coors Beverage Company

Wednesday, November 9  |  8am - 4pm ET


  • Introduction of the two course projects: Chocolate chip bitterness reduction research (Project I) and cookie ingredient change (Project II)

  • Why link consumer and sensory data?

  • Overview of the sensory and Drivers of Liking® (DOL) spaces

  • How to approach a category appraisal (IFPrograms software exercises)

    • Product selection using graph theory

    • Method comparison to generate sample presentation orders (random, Williams Squares, CR&S)

    • Multiple day effect, complete vs. incomplete block designs 

  • Two common analytical mapping options

    • Factor analysis (Project I) and external preference mapping (Project II)

    • Assumptions and potential limitations of the two techniques

  • Review of the background to mapping consumer hedonic data: modeling liking, biplots, unfolding

  • Introduction to Landscape Segmentation Analysis®

    • Successive analytical steps

    • Modeling approach

  • Applications of LSA principles to Project I and Project II (IFPrograms software exercises)

    • Project I: LSA on consumer data

      • Product space generation

      • Investigation of the space drivers of liking

      • Illustration of weak and strong DOLs

      • Comparison to previous factor analysis results

Thursday, November 10  |  8am - 4pm ET


  • Applications of LSA principles to Project I and Project II (Cont.)

    • Project II: LSA on consumer data

      • Product space and DOLs

      • Color coding of consumers based on segmentation

      • Investigation of demographic effects

      • Comparison to previous external preference mapping results

  • A comparison of LSA and internal preference mapping

    • Contrasting assumptions and outputs

    • Three-dimensional solution example – The ’Cube’

    • Application to 27 real-world category appraisals 

  • A comparison of LSA and external preference mapping

    • Illustration of differential consumer fits

  • Diagnosing the need for a three-dimensional solution

    • Application to an orange juice example (IFPrograms software exercises)

  • Going beyond the Drivers of Liking® space 1: Predicting new product success

    • Conditions for successful predictions

    • Applications to Projects I and II (IFPrograms software exercises)

Friday, November 11  |  8am - Noon ET


  • Going beyond the Drivers of Liking® space 2: Creating optimal product sensory profiles and portfolios

    • Portfolio optimization strategies: Maximizing consumer satisfaction and maximizing First Choice (IFPrograms software exercises)

    • Project I: Maximizing consumer satisfaction with one or two products

    • Project II: Maximizing First Choice based on own products and main competitor 

  • Next level learning: Using incomplete block designs

    • Situations where a complete block design is not possible

    • Comparison of outputs between complete blocks and incomplete blocs scenarios (IFPrograms software exercises)

  • LSA applications to other types of consumer generated data (with IFPrograms software exercises)

    • Applications of LSA in the beer category

    • Measuring brand effects on consumer landscape using 10 white wines

    • Motivations for product consumption

    • Moisturizing and refreshing properties of soap bar images

    • Usage occasions

    • Children and adults’ preferences of food concepts 

  • Review of course principles and conclusions


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