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Science is the basis for

our business. 

Project Management
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Project Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Results Reporting

Advertising Claims Support, Claims Substantiation, and Expert Witnessing

Expertise in Sensory and Consumer Science, Marketing Insights, Statistics, Data Science, and Chemical Senses 

Courses, Webinars, Presentations, and Publications


The Institute for Perception offers comprehensive client services to assist in the development process of new and improved products & marketing concepts.

The Institute for Perception, founded in 1992, is a full-service research consulting firm specializing in premium quality services to help convert marketing concepts or technical inventions into innovative new products. We also help to support advertising claims. We conduct extensive research on new models of human perception to provide a basis for methods to support product development, market research, and advertising claim substantiation. We offer training opportunities in these areas through courses, books, peer reviewed publications, technical reports, webinars, and software.





Consumer Relevance of Sensory Measurements

Pangborn 2019  |  Edinburgh, Scotland

A Three-Step Approach to Characterizing Consumer Segmentation via Machine Learning

Pangborn 2019  |  Edinburgh, Scotland



We design studies and partner with testing facilities throughout the United States and around the world to ensure quality data collection and provide you with reliable results.

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